We Bought Two New Zojirushi Bread Makers!

Pier99 is proud to announce that you’ll soon be able to try some of our amazing bread recipes! In addition to our house-made flat breads, we’ll be adding some delicious Italian breads, French breads, dinner rolls, and sandwiches made with our two new Zojirushi bread makers. With the help of Bread Machine Pros’ Zojirushi bread maker reviews, we were able to pick a top quality machine so this is a huge thank you and shoutout to those guys. They’ve been doing some in-depth reviews on bread machines and we really suggest checking them out if you want to buy one. Most people who do reviews don’t try out the machine for themselves, but the guys at Bread Machine Pros actually bought the machines and tested them out themselves.

Most restaurants consider bread machines a commodity. They either buy bread from a supplier already made, or bake the already-made bread themselves on-site. It’s common practice in the restaurant business because making bread from scratch simply takes too much time and it’s a difficult skill to master. But because we were desperate to find a way to make fresh bread at Pier99, we decided to invest in a bread machine.

When we first got the machine, we weren’t entirely sure whether or not we would use it at the restaurant. We had to test the machine and see what sort of menu items we could come up with. The¬†Zojirushi performed beyond our expectations and we could really envision a place for it in our kitchen. So we came up with a bunch of recipes for homemade bread and we will be serving them starting today!

For those who are unfamiliar, Zojirushi is among the most, if not the most, popular bread machines on the market. It’s the best of the bunch. And actually, we recently learned that it is a Japanese brand and it was the Japanese that first invented bread machines. After the second world war, food, particularly rice, was hard to come by in Japan and aid organizations from abroad sent over lots of wheat. The Japanese began incorporating wheat into their diets and bread remained a part of their eating habits. Eventually, people wanted to bake bread from home but traditional Japanese homes didn’t have baking ovens. So in the 1980s the bread machine was invented. Today the bread machine remains quite popular in Japan as well as all over the world. Quite a story isn’t it?

That’s not all. Because our Zojirushi machines are Japanese, they have some functions that some of the other machines made in America don’t have. They are able to make mochi bread, rice bread (wheat is replaced with rice), and other types of Japanese baked goods.

As you can tell, we’re very excited with our new purchases and we’re looking forward to baking some amazing bread for you. So come try them soon!